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Industry News

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In the Spotlight

Onsite Seminars

HEIDELBERG Your Key Partner in Print: Label

31 Aug (Wed) 14.00 - 16.00

IPF Brand Loyalty Through Smart Packaging in the New Normal

1 Sep (Thu) 10.00 - 13.00

ATGMI Mencetak? Kata Kuncinya adalah KONSISTENSI!

1 Sep (Thu) 13.00 - 16.00

INAPLAS Product and Technical Presentation from Members Participating in Indoplas

1 Sep (Thu) 14.00 - 16.00

INAPLAS Plastic Industry Trends

2 Sep (Fri) 14.00 - 16.00

HEIDELBERG Your Key Partner in Print: Commercial & Packaging

2 Sep (Fri) 14.00 - 16.00

Technical Seminars | Product Demos

CYBER (PTE) LIMITED Demonstration of a modern production environment : IRODORI - "Coloring the World Together" / "Bersama Mewarnai Dunia" IRODORI – “Coloring the World Together” as we invite all to our booth to witness the new evolution in print. We are happy to color the world together with all visitors and share how printing has evolved. Our RMGT9 presses with the LEDUV instant drying capability has taken the world by storm and RMGT distributors knows that it is an unfair advantage for our customer to have the RMGT 9 with the latest production capability. During the demo we will be running the RMGT9 with LEDUV dryers for 4 demonstrations a day to show the full production workflow from prepress to finished products. We will be running the RMGT9 for a total of 3 job change-over and we will run 2 different paper substrate during one of the job to show the print results on uncoated paper. We will be using our fully automatic plate change system (Full RPC). We will show the printing of the same job on both coated paper and uncoated paper to show our customer how LEDUV ink printing have enhance overall print quality in today’s market place even works very well on uncoated materials. Surprisingly we are getting exceptional result even on uncoated materials. All ours printing will be colour managed by our Ryobi MHI inline PDS-E (SpectroDrive) with close loop ink density feedback to the press. In this show, we will be using Kodak thermal CTP machine running the latest Kodak Process-free plates. This Kodak “SONORA” chemical free plate is environmentally friendly and does not need any chemical to develop or process the plates. As we are printing on the RMGT9 with LEDUV dryer, we will have instantly dry prints and hence we do not need any work in progress (WIP) space. We will show customer that we can do immediately the finishing of the print in front of their eyes. We will be binding the printed materials on our Horizon VAC1000 booklet making machines. So in just 20 minutes we will be printing and binding 2 different jobs. We will show how a simple modern print shop where all jobs can be processed immediately with no waiting time. This is a new level of just in time (JIT) for high quality prints. We are looking forward to IRODORI – Coloring the World Together. Please come and experience the joy of printing with the RMGT9 series presses with LEDUV dryers.

31 Aug - 3 Sep Wed-Sat 11.30

Digital Media Grafindo, PT (Master Plotter) Product Launch at their booth

31 Aug - 3 Sep Wed-Sat 10.00

Perdana Jatiputra, PT (Konica Minolta) Soft Launch: AccurioPress C7100/C7090 with product demonstration

31 Aug Wed 11.00

Gading Murni, PT Technical Presentation: di Hall D1 RUANG 102

31 Aug Wed 13.00 - 15.00

Fredigoni Papers Technical Presentation: di Hall D1 RUANG 102

31 Aug Wed 15.00 - 16.00

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The Indonesian International Plastics, Processing, Packaging and Printing Exhibition will feature many renowned local and international exhibitors with a robust showcase of new technologies, multi-function equipment and high quality energy-efficient machineries that cater to the respective industries. INDOPLAS, INDOPACK (incorporating INDOPROCESS) and INDOPRINT will provide a one-stop business platform to serve the entire end-to-end supply chain for the relevant industries. Complementing the all-inclusive June showcase are numerous on-floor activities including live product demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies, and a stellar line-up of industry specific conferences and seminars by leading companies and trade associations.


INDOPACK and INDOPRINT gave Heidelberg Indonesia the stage needed to showcase to the market that we have a good partnership with Masterwork, one of the best packaging companies around. The exhibition provided a golden opportunity for us to present and demonstrate our machine

Mr Raymond B. Wonojudo
Head of Sales & Marketing, PT Heidelberg Indonesia

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