Technical Talk with ATGMI “Mastering CTP”


Topic: Technical Talk with ATGMI “Mastering CTP”

Date/Time: Tuesday, 17 November 2020 14.00 - 16.00 WIB

INDOPRINT webinar series return with a technical talk designed towards equipping professionals with practical skills on ‘Mastering CTP’. Speakers from ATGMI (Indonesian Association of Graphic Technology) and BSN (National Standardization Body) will lead discussions on how to prepare good printing plates and provide guidance on requirements for creation of a design file such as size, position, colour and standard format of the page file exchange. Explanations on CTP (Computer to Plate) making process workflow; starting from receiving of design files, followed by its processing into 1-bit bitmap images (RIP) to printing plates will also be raised to better streamline practices and accelerate adoption amongst industry practitioners.

Join this Technical Talk to find out about:

  • Introduction of AdvancedCTP
  • Understanding workflow: Plate Layout, Raster Image Processing, Plate Imaging & Developing
  • Guidelines on original design application format or standard pre-print exchange format (PDF/X)
  • Industry standards on print-ready image page, size & page layout
  • Exploring all about colour: b/w, monochrome, process, special colors
  • Comprehending pre-printed (minus color management) & CTP creation
  • Weighing the pros & cons of CorelDRAW
  • Knowing colours : registration color, custom colors printed & unprinted


Herman Pratomo
Herman Pratomo
Chairman of ATGMI (Indonesian Association of Graphic Technology) and Operational Manager of AdvancedCTP


Clay Wala
Clay Wala
Chief of Technical Committee (Komtek 37-01) Graphic Technology BSN (National Standardization Body)
“Webinar will be in Bahasa Indonesia”

This Technical Talk will benefit:

  • All professionals involved in making CTP print references ranging from graphics designers, page setters, pre-print operators.
  • Print managers & precast supervisors in graphic industry.
  • Academics
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