What Will I See?

INDOPLAS, INDOPACK, INDOPRINT is a comprehensive showcase of new developments, latest technologies and cost-effective solutions in the plastics, packaging, processing and printing industries.

Visitors can expect an extensive range of exciting showcases such as new and improved technologies, modern-day solutions, innovative products and industry-specific services.

Complementing the trade show will be informative seminars and conferences that detail the latest trends in the respective industries.

Some of the showcases that you can expect at INDOPPP 2022 include:


Ancillary equipment, surface pre-treatment equipment, injection moulding machines, measuring, control and test equipment, parts and components, moulds and dies, machinery and plant for finishing, decorating, printing and marking, machinery for foam, reactive or reinforced resins, two roll mills, post-processing machines, thermoforming machines etc.


Accumulating and collating machines, blister packs, skin packs, vacuum packaging machines, bottle caps equipment, seaming and sealing machines, case and tray forming machines, closing and sealing machines, cartooning machines, cooling and drying machines, coding, printing, marking, stamping and imprinting machines, converting machines, package filling and closing machines, wrapping machines for stretch wrapping and shrink wrapping, banding process machineries etc.


Expect to meet a wide range of products serving the entire supply chain from pre-press, pre-media, press and postpress.

Pre-press is the process between the creation of a print layout and the final printing, including printing plate manufacturing, image carrier or form ready for mounting on a printing press, adjustment of images and texts or the creation of a high-quality print file.

Expect to see: Pre-press servers, systems, software and equipment such as digital imagers, plate-setter, thermal processor, proofing printers, LaserJet colour printer etc.

Pre-media is the process between the conception of original artwork and the manufacturing of final output channel.

Expect to see: Workflow solution systems, drum scanner, flatbed scanner, electronic publishing system, database management, file servers, storages, digital proofing systems, large format digital printing systems etc.

Press depicts the actual printing process, while Postpress depicts the activities after printing that determine the final look of the project (cutting, folding, assembling and binding).

Expect to see: Digital or web offset presses, digital printing systems, sheet-fed offset presses, thermographic equipment, wide format printers, binding machines, binding supplies, counting equipment, die-cutting supplies, drilling machines, foil stamping supplies, folding machine auxiliary equipment, gatherers, inserting equipment, laminating equipment and supplies etc.

Plastics Processing & Packaging Printing